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Flight + Safari Combos Frequently Asked Questions

Our guests have loved Flight + Tour Combos since their debut last year. These convenient packages make it easy to reserve your complete safari with just one phone call. They include round-trip airfare, pre- and post-tour accommodations, overseas transfers, and all breakfasts. Plus, our partnerships with major airlines let us offer them at extremely advantageous pricing.

While Flight + Safari Combos have made exploring the world simple for countless guests, we recognize that travelers may have questions about them. To help you better understand this innovative program, we’ve collected the answers to many of the most common questions we hear.

What is the difference between a traditional CW Safaris Tour and a Flight + Safari Combo?

Flight + Safari Combos include international round-trip airfare, pre- and post-tour accommodations, all overseas transfers, breakfasts, and tour-only inclusions.

Flight + Safari Combos simply add the convenience of letting us handle all of your travel arrangements to this already exceptional experience. They include two extra nights of hotel accommodations (as listed), all overseas transfers, and affordably priced airfare. Since your flights are being planned by the creators of your tour, you can count on them to meld seamlessly with the rest of your itinerary.

What airlines will I be flying with?

We work with most major carriers worldwide to offer you the best flights at the best prices. Air itineraries are selected with a focus on finding the best routing available.

Can I choose my seats?

We request the best seats available when we reserve your flights, based on what we’ve found to be most popular with our past guests. Should you have a particular preference, please tell your Tour Consultants when reserving. We want to make your trip as smooth and comfortable as possible. By default, here’s what we look for:

  • For a solo guest, we look for an aisle seat.
  • For two guests traveling together, we look for an aisle seat and adjacent seat.
  • For all guests, we look for seats in side rows (not the middle section), as far forward in the plane as possible.

You may see your current seat requests online any time at CheckMyTrip.com

Please note that airlines don’t always allow pre-selection of seats on all flights. All seat requests are honored at the discretion of the airlines, and are subject to change by the airlines at any time. If CW Safaris is not able to select a seat when reserving your flight, you may contact the airline directly once tickets are issued to see if seats can be requested. Though we don’t charge a fee for seat selection, some airlines do, so if you request seats from the airline directly, there may be a charge. Some flights are designated as “Airport Check In Only.” This means that no passengers are allowed to select seats until the check in period, which is generally 24 hours before the flight. CW Safaris guests are subject to this restriction.


Advance Seat Reservation (ASR) is only available on flights operated by South African Airways (SAA) with the following seating options: standard seat, extra legroom and emergency exit row seats.

  • Seat Selection is subject to the availability of requested seats and is available on a per sector basis only. Price is per seat, per sector.
  • Passengers who do not wish to purchase ASR can choose their seats free of charge (except exit row seats) when they check‐in on line 24 hours prior to departure, or at the airport, subject to availability.
  • Seat Selection does not necessarily include all passengers in a booking unless expressly selected. Accordingly, SAA cannot guarantee that all parties in a booking will be seated together. Individual passengers in a single booking may request different types of seats e.g. standard seat and Exit Row Seat. The applicable seat charges will apply to each seat type.
  • Unaccompanied minors are exempt from the ASR charge and a seat will be allocated to them free of charge.
  • Passengers who wish to sit next to each other, but have made separate bookings, will need to request their individual seats independently. SAA is not able to advise on the seat selection of passengers on other bookings. SAA is, furthermore, unable to link separate bookings. Accordingly, if you have paid to sit next to other passengers in a different booking, SAA will not be able to seat you back together with the passengers you were originally seated with.
  • Passengers who have specific needs should directly contact the SAA Contact Centre (or their travel agent) to allow SAA to assist with the allocation of an appropriate seat.
  • Seat requests cannot be guaranteed as they may need to be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after boarding the aircraft.
  • Seat selection is not transferable to another passenger.
  • Seat selection is non-refundable unless: 1.) SAA changes the passenger seat for operational, safety or security reasons (even after boarding the aircraft), and SAA is unable to seat the passenger in a suitable alternative. 2.) There is a flight disruption causing the passenger to be moved to another flight and SAA is unable to seat the passenger in a suitable alternative on your new flight. 3.) SAA moves the passenger to a flight not operated by SAA. 4.) If SAA moves the passenger to a seat in a higher cabin, either for operational reasons or as a goodwill gesture.
  • In accordance with the fare rules, if the passenger elects to move to another flight or cancels their flight, any seat selection paid for is non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another flight. Seat selection required for any new flight must be selected separately and no refund will be provided for any seat selection purchased for the previous flight.
  • If SAA changes the passenger’s seat for operational, safety or security reasons or if the passenger is affected by a flight disruption, the affected passenger may apply for a refund after departure by contacting SAA’s Reservation’s Call Centre or emailing the request to onlinerefunds@flysaa.com . Refund requests must be lodged no later than 3 months after the affected flight.

FEES: Emergency Exit seat is $60 | Leg room seat is $40 | Any seat is $25

Can I fly out of a departure city that isn’t listed?

We’re happy to take requests for departure cities that aren’t on our list. When you make your reservation, ask your Tour Consultant about flying from your home city. Typically, we will be able to provide routing and pricing details within just a few days.

What if I’d like to choose my own airlines, select different travel dates, or upgrade to first class?

Customized Air Packages offer many individual options including choice of airlines, departure city, time, and route. You can request premium economy or business class seats as well. If you’re hoping to linger awhile in your destination, we welcome you to select flight dates up to 30 days before or after your tour. Please note that there is a fee associated with Customized Air Packages, and additional charges may apply.

Am I more likely to have a long layover or extra connections because CW Safaris is arranging my flights?

Your comfort is our top priority. When selecting flights, we will look for itineraries with the fewest connections possible. While some flights will require multiple stops, we do everything we can to keep your route simple, selecting the most direct flights our partners offer and, wherever possible, avoiding long layovers.

Can I use airline points or miles to pay for upgrades through CW Safaris?

In order to offer the advantageous pricing that CW Safaris is proud to provide, we work within very strict guidelines dictated by our airline partners. Unfortunately, that means that most itineraries cannot be supplemented with air miles. When tickets have been issued, you may be able use miles to upgrade directly with the airlines.*

*If your membership rules require the tickets to be issued in a certain booking class for upgrade, please tell your Tour Consultant. We will be happy to let you know whether we can issue the tickets in that booking class and, if so, whether there will be a difference in cost.

Will I earn frequent flier miles or points on my CW Safaris flights?

If you belong to a frequent flyer program, you may be able to receive credit for some or all of the miles you travel, depending on the airline. All decisions about air miles are made by the airline and cannot be influenced by CW Safaris. To find out if you qualify, you will need to contact the airline directly. Please save your boarding passes, as they may be required as proof of flight.

Can I select seats in an “extra legroom” area, exit row, bulkhead, or other special economy class?

Unfortunately, no. Airlines prefer to save exit rows and other economy-upgraded seats for guests who have paid full retail price for their tickets. Since our guests enjoy generous savings, we don’t have access to the exit row or economy-plus seats. However, the airline may be able to arrange an upgrade if you contact them directly after your tickets are issued. Keep in mind, we can’t guarantee that the tickets will be upgradable. All decisions about economy-upgraded seats are made by the airline and cannot be influenced by CW Safaris.

Are there additional fees related to air travel added to my invoice?

No. All airline surcharges and government taxes and fees are included in the Flight + Tour Combo price. Call your Tour Consultant for details.

What happens if my flight is delayed?

In the event of a delay, you can contact our 24-hour emergency service provider. You will receive their contact information in your final travel documents.

Can I make changes to my air itinerary after I’ve reserved my trip?

Typically, yes. Tickets are usually issued about a month prior to your departure (though the exact issue date can vary). Prior to tickets being generated, we’re happy to make alterations to your air itinerary.

What happens if the airline makes changes to the flights?

All commercial flights are subject to change at any time by the airline, including those flights we schedule on your behalf. While flight schedule changes can mean big changes, CW Safaris will be handling most of the work, so big changes don’t mean big headaches. If anything changes, we will notify you and send you an updated itinerary, so you can travel with confidence.

Is there a minimum age requirement for reserving a Flight + Tour Combo?

CW Safaris requires that guests be at least 13 years of age for Scheduled Group Safaris.

Can I check my flight itinerary online?

Absolutely! Your flight itinerary will be emailed to you approximately two weeks after you reserve your trip, and it will contain a booking reference number. You can then go to Checkmytrip.com and use that number and your last name to look up the details of your flights.

Do I need a current passport to make a Flight + Tour Combo reservation?

CW Safaris strongly recommends having a current passport when making your reservation in order to avoid any fees that will apply should you need to make any changes more than 2 weeks after reserving. Please also make sure that your passport is valid until six months after the end of your tour. With all of that said, we are capable of making a reservation without an up-to-date passport, we just don’t advise it.

When making a flight reservation, the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandates that flyers provide their Secure Flight passenger information exactly as it appears on the passport they plan to use when traveling. For example, if your middle name is spelled out on your passport, it needs to be the same when you make a flight reservation. If your middle name is abbreviated on your passport, it needs to be the same when you make a reservation.

When will tickets be issued?

Tickets are usually issued about one month prior to your departure date, though timing may vary. They can also be issued earlier upon request. Please note that once your tickets are created, we can no longer make changes to your flight itinerary, s you’ll want to be certain that all your arrangements are final prior to requesting them. Tickets are nonrefundable once issued.

Can I check into my hotel room upon arrival? OR Will my room be ready when I arrive?

Your hotel room may not be available until 2:00 or 3:00 pm, however, you may store your luggage at the reception desk while you explore the city.

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